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Death Midwifery

In November 2015, I did a weekend intensive training course in Death Midwifery, qualifying as a Death Midwife/Doula, for me this combines all my life experience from my early days of working in a nursing home. During my time working there I gained many practical skills in moving and handling properly, working with patients with terminal illness and people with dementia. I've been with residents while they have taken there last breath and held this sacred space for them, a truly moving moment that I never forget. Now I bring in my therapy skills, allowing the dying to have some comfort with gentle hand or foot massage and to bring some relief with some much needed healing, helping the dying to their final moment in a peaceful way. As a Death Midwife I aid in Home funerals removing the needs for a funeral director. Allowing the family to care for the deceased after death, washing and anointing the body in ceremony, holding Vigil for their final moments, allowing death to be a sacred moment of release and a celebration of life. I also help the family in their grief and pain as we mourn for the one we have lost. Finally I bring in my Priesting and Celebrancy skills in helping with funeral arrangements and being the celebrant. As a Death Midwife I care for the whole process of Dying, allowing us to die in a more sacred way. Death shouldn't be scary but a moment of surrender to our next adventure. I'm currently creating a new website specifically for Death Midwifery which I will have links to from this site.


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