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Come and join us on this exciting adventure into Celtic and British Spirituality.


Exploring Fokelore, Magic, Nature, Goddesses and Gods

of the Old Ways.

Spiralling with the Wheel of the Year

Over the course of the year you will journey through each season, joirneying with each aspect of the Goddess around the Wheel of the Year.

Online Course

Spiralling with the Wheel of the Year

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A Journey of Self Discovery

Transformation | Personal Empowerment | Spiritual Growth

Each Lesson Includes...

Seasonal + 1 Special Introductory Videos
Audio (& Written) Meditation
Seasonal Ceremony & Rituals
Activity sheet with many crafting Ideas/Projects
A Correspondence Sheet
7 - 10 Pages PDF file containing the Main course
A Certificate of Achievement

Over the course of 8 Lessons you will journey deeply into what each season has to offer you. Starting at Imbolc and finishing with the Stillness of Yule. As you dive deep into the seasons there will be exercises, ceremonies and homework's letting you go deeper into the seasons in ways that will transform your life for the better.

Topics Covered

  • Celtic Spirituality
  • Intro to Crystals
  • Mythology
  • Goddesses & Gods
  • Celtic Tree Lore
  • Paganism 101
  • Goddess Spirituality
  • Ceremony & Ritual
  • Meditation
  • Moon Magic
  • The Elements of Nature
  • Seasonal Correspondences

This is a deeply transformative journey for women and men that are wanting to explore  their spirituality and connection to the natural world.

Lesley Elen

Northern England

 I recently did the "Spiralling with The Wheel of the Year" online course with the wisdom-filled Daniel Le Fey.

It was one of my first online courses and couldn't recommend this one enough.

Each Festival/Sabbat holds a beautiful healing/awakening energy for those who will delve into their being and understand deeper meanings of why we are the way we are.

So many factors play a role and through connection to the land and the Goddess we open ourselves up to move forward from anything that can possibly be holding us back.

The meditations were extraordinary and found them to be full of answers when I let go and surrendered to the moment.

Daniel appears to weave magic in his work and is full of knowledge on the cycles we all go through yearly.

This was certainly the start of my deepening connection to our Earth Mother and have felt much more rooted and belonging since.

I feel at one with all and understand the interwoven connections that unite us rather than divide us.

It was my stepping stone to deepen my connection to the many faces of the goddess and thoroughly enjoyed awakening my feminine energies more so through her love, guidance and care.

It's been a beautiful adventure ever since.
With deepest of gratitude Daniel. X

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Course Syllabus

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Spiralling with the Wheel of the Year



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