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It's Solstice Eve but what is the Winter Solstice and Why is they all this Hype?

In our Goddess (Avalonian) Tradition the Winter Solstice marks the Still Point on the Wheel of the Year. We honour the Goddesses of Air, Danu, Arianrhod, Bone Women and Stone Women and welcome stillness into our being as we rest during the long winter month.

Astrologically the WS celebrates the Longest Night and Shortest Day on the 21st December however this date varies a few days depending on the Sun's alignment. Solstice Sunrise this year is on Saturday 22nd December. 🌞 Our Ancestors would have seen this time of year as Mid-Winter, starvation would have been around, the days were bleak and times were hard. Therefore the Winter Solstice would have heralded a new dawn, a good reason for a celebration as now the Sun's power slowly returns, the days grow longer and Spring is one step nearer. Most of our Stone Circles and ancient Burial Mounds are aligned to the rising sun on the shortest day. ❄ Today there has been a huge resurgence in this ancient tradition that predates Christmas. People are celebrating the WS also commonly known as Yule by lighting fires, sharing stories, coming together with friends and family to watch the Sunrise. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, we honour a new day and a new dawn, a new solar year. 🌄 On Solstice morning (22nd) when the Sun doth rise look up to the Sun and say a prayer of gratitude for all, you have in your life. Solstice Blessings to You and

your Family. 💖

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