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Why Choose a Celebrant

Fairytale Handfastings by Daniel Le Fey

Civil Celebrants are all professionally trained Masters of Ceremonies providing the perfect alternative to the traditional church/religious services.

Today people are looking for a more person-centred & spiritual ceremony either for their Wedding, Handfasting, Baby Naming (an alternative to a Christening) and Funeral Service. Civil Celebrants provide the most exquisite bespoke ceremony for couples and families, their aim and intention are to provide you with everything you could possibly need for the perfect day.

Sadly within England and Wales, there are many wedding restrictions that can limit some couples dreams. A Civil  Celebrant can offer all these wonderful alternatives:

Gay Family
  • Unlimited locations - Everywhere and anywhere, Indoors and outdoors could become the perfect venue. (Providing you have the landowners permission.)

  • Personal hand-written vows that have meaning to both of you.

  • Tailored made, bespoke ceremonies, filled with your ideas & dreams.

  • You're in control of every step. This is your day, not the person who's leading it.

  • Let your uniqueness shine. Have the day exactly how you want it, we have heard everything, so don't be afraid to ask, Goth, Steampunk, Medieval. Weddings, let's do it!

  • Religious, Non-Religious, Spiritual and Humanist Content, helping you bring the Traditional into modern-day beliefs.

These attributes are not just for handfastings or weddings but are for all ceremonies the Celebrant offers, from birth to death. Celebrating and honouring life in the most ancient and traditional of ways.


Sadly the law in England and Wales requires a registrar to be present at the wedding for it to become a legal Marriage. For your Handfasting or Celebrant-led wedding to become legal, you would first need to have a formal registry office ceremony before or after your main day.

Funerals within the UK are very different, and there aren't any legalities around who can perform the ceremony. Therefore your Civil Celebrant can lead the Funeral Ceremony at any Crematorium, Burial Ground or Natural Burial Ground.

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