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Kinesiology is a Holistic therapy that combines Chinese and Chiropractic techniques to rebalance homoeostasis within the body, aiding the body natural healing abilities.


  • Rebalances the body's energy

  • Pain relieving

  • Allergy testing

  • Food intolerances testing

  • Emotional stress release

  • Relieves frozen shoulders

  • Supplement testing

  • Helps digestive issues

  • Relieves IBS

  • Nutritional ndvice

  • Brain Gym Activities

  • Brings holistic well-being

  • Relieves headaches and migraines

  • Helps with past life trauma


A wide variety of techniques are used during a treatment, from stress and pain relief to using Bach flower Remedies as well as testing for supplements.


Full Treatment

Lasts 2 Hours, Costs £45

Gail Hall


"When I had my Kinesiology I had been unwell for sometime, I found the treatment gave me the boost I needed to recover more quickly, and Daniel was very supportive and professional."

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