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  • Remember feelings, dates, names and scenes of the past.

  • Find connections to why this life is how it is.

  • Remember the life lessons of a previous life.

  • Heal any deep hidden woundings.

  • Unlock the mysteries of the past.

  • Improves memory recall in the present time.

  • Experience a past life that you once lived.

  • Find out if you're living with people today that are from that lifetime.

Past Life Regression Therapy

The idea of past lives has existed for thousands of years. The ideology of reincarnation is a major belief in many traditions, especially in Buddhism. If reincarnation does happen (which I personally believe does) then why can't we access our past life memories? Well through the use of hypnotherapy, we can access these memories.


Have you ever experienced Deja Vu. Thinking, that's odd I'm sure I've been here before?


Have you ever had memories which you can not relate to?


Maybe you have feelings or health problems that you have no idea where they come from? These could possibly be leftover hurts from another life that you are reliving in this life. So that you can learn that life lesson.


During a Regression session, I use Hypnosis to relax the mind. From there we go back in time, and eventually steeping back into a life that is most important to you right now. You will remember everything that is needed to, remembering scenes, names, families of that time. This process is completely safe, and I will be there to act as your anchor and guide in this life and in the past life.

Following on from the session I will write up a full report of what your life was about. I will also record your session on to CD and post this off to your address.


Full Treatment

Lasts 90 Minutes, Costs £50

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