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Baby Namings

These days some parents and guardians are wanting to keep with tradition, but find Church Christenings either too formal or too religious.

Baby Namings are the new wonderful alternative that you have been looking for.

Our Naming Ceremonies are bespoke and tailored to each child, we keep with tradition, but you can let your ideas flow into the ceremony. You may still have God Parents but again you can change their name to Mentors, Spiritual Guides, Goddess Parents, or they can be simply called Aunty and Uncles (as we all knew grandmas best friend wasn't really our Aunty).

Baby Namings

First, we had 

Each other

Then we had


Now we have


My style of Baby Naming ceremonies are joyful, fun and Meaningful. A Celebration that brings the whole family together for this special occasion, as we welcome your new bundle of joy into the heart of your family life.

What's included with the ceremony.

  • A bespoke baby naming ceremony tailored to your ideas, lasting around 30 to 50 minutes.

  • A unique baby naming necklace, bracelet or plaque.

  • A one-hour consultation meeting to discuss thoughts, ideas, etc.

  • Up to 4 'God' Parents.

  • Help with decorations, choosing a location etc.

  • One to one contact with me, 24/7 via Email and Telephone.

  • Guidance, help and support.

  • Help choosing music, poetry, readings etc.

  • A personalised copy of the ceremony.

  • A Beautiful Naming Certificate.

£180 plus Travel Expenses.

Naming Ceremonies offer a fresh start not just for New Borns, but anyone who is seeking a change of name. Whether this is honouring a new Spiritual Name, a change of name via Deed-Poll or a return to a Maiden Name. Marking this occasion symbolises a new beginning. Alternative examples of Naming Ceremonies are the naming of a new ship or home.


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