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Monthly Meditation


Meeting your Local River Goddess.

For an Audio Version please

This meditation is extremely powerful when sitting on the banks of your river. However, this meditation can be done anywhere at anytime.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Closing your Eyes. Feeling the chair, floor, bed beneath you. Slowly visualise your roots leaving the soles of your feet, going deep into the earth below, going deeper and deeper, past rock, bone and crystal.

Until you reach the Heartbeat of our planet, connect in with Her Heartbeat, feeling completely nurtured, held and grounded. Feel the Pulse of the earth travelling up through your roots. Back though the crystal, rock, bone moving out of the soil. Slowly feeling that pulse moving into your feet, travelling up your legs, until in reaches your Base Chakra, moving then up to you Sacral chakra, then up-to your Solar Plexus finally pulsating with your own Heart chakra. Feeling the pulse of the Earth and your own heart beating as one.

Next take a cord of white light from your Heart and send that right up and out of your Crown at the top of your head. Sending the cord up though the roof, clouds, atmosphere. Going higher and higher leaving the planet behind. Travelling to the furthest reaches of the universe to find your Mother star. Send your cord up into your mother star, feeling energized, centred and healed. Finally bring the energy of your soul star back along your cord, seeing the Earth below, travelling through the clouds, through the roof. Feeling that star energy touch the Crown of your head, travelling down to your Third Eye, down to your Throat and merging with the energies of your Heart. Mixing Sky and Earth together and expanding your Heart opening wider and wider, until that love overflows into your aura.

Visualise yourself sitting by the banks of your local river, what is the weather like? is it a hot day, cloudy or is it raining. How does the river look today, fast, calm, still. Is there any wildlife around you, Ducks swimming past, maybe a Heron has just flew over you. Are you the only person around? Is your area built up, around the city or maybe rolling fields are all around. What do you see in front of you.........

Suddenly out of the corner of your eye you see a reflection in the water, who was that....

Slowly out of the river you see Her, Goddess. Spiralling out of the water, She turns to face you. Looking deep into Her eyes you gaze longingly. How does she look?, Curly Hair, is She a Mermaid or Shape-shifter of the waters. What colour are Her eyes, blue or muddy brown? How do you feel? Happy, afraid, slightly gulp. How does she come out of the water in a splash or floating along happily? Does she hold anything in Her hands

Goddess speaks to you, in your mother tongue, She knows you. Listen to Her words..... Do you have questions, what do you want to say............

What is Her name? Remember what she has told you for it hold significant value to you. She has a gift for you, which you gratefully receive. What does she hand over to you? Does this gift symbolise anything to you in your life.

You thank the lady for all She has shown and given you. Then in a cloud of mist She's gone back into her watery Queendom. You move down to the waters edge and place your hands into Her waters, feeling blessed for the visit you were given. You anoint your forehead and heart with the river water and thank the land and river for there time today.

Slowly you feel a voice calling you back into your body, feeling your heart beating, the floor under you. You slowly move your shoulders and neck. coming back into your physical body taking a deep breath in and out.

When you are ready open your eyes.

Raise you hands into prayer position over your heart centre and thank Goddess once more.

Blessed Be. xXx

I hope you have enjoyed this months meditation and I look forward to seeing you next month. Goddess Blessings to you all. xXx

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