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1 - 1 Empowerment and Self Confidence work

Do you suffer from low confidence, self-esteem issues, nervous and feeling unworthy.


Break the Habit of a Lifetime.

Start living the Dream!



It's time to break these habits and awaken your inner empowerment, boosting your confidence and awakening your seances of inner strength.


I work with a variety of spiritual and life coaching techniques to help face your inner shadow which holds you back.


I can offer a 2-hour private one to one session, or a group workshop which is 4 hours long.

Throughout my Spiritual and Priest training, I have walked this very same journey of self-discovery. The road is hard, and you will face many challenges along the way. With support, care and love, you will get there. If your'e willing to change, then you will change for the better, and start living a life of love, empowerment and beauty.

  • Boost your confidence.

  • Beat your demons.

  • Empower yourself.

  • Relieve depression.

  • Come to a deep understanding of yourself.

  • Start living in the present and stop living in the past.

  • Start living in beauty.

  • Bring true joy and happiness back into your own life.

  • Awaken your individuality and unique identity.

  • Unlock your potential.

2 Hour sessions, Cost £45

Please contact me for Group Sessions.

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