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Ceremonial Healing

Got a problem? Let's see how we can sort it.


This treatment is designed for you, and your needs.


If you come with a presenting problem, such as pain, I will use a variety of methods to help eliminate it.


A thorough consultation will give me a better understanding of the root issue, which can then be dealt with accordingly.


I use a variety of different methods from


Kinesiology, Life Coaching, Massage, Bach Flower Remedies, Ceremony, Aromatherapy and Past Life Regression.

  • Gets to the core of the issues.

  • Restores holistic harmony.

  • Relieves stress.

  • Cuts the ties with the past.

  • Bespoke treatment for you.

  • Brings relaxation.

  • Any issues with your past lives can be dealt with.

  • Helps with depression. 

  • Pain Relieving.

  • Awakens your spirituality.

Full Treatment

Lasts 2 hours, costs £50

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