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The Perfect Handfasting

Your Happily Ever After Begins Now. Let's Create The Magic Today...

Are you tired of the boring old wedding ceremony?


Handfastings are an Ancient and timeless wedding ceremony that dates back thousands of years. Over the last few years, they have seen a huge resurgence in popularity and also featured in an episode of Emmerdale (UK tv show).

The increase in popularity is due to the natural simplicity and beauty of this ceremony. Handfastings can be tailored to your dreams and wishes, they have no formal or rigid structure and can be created to suit all your needs. Traditionally a Pagan ceremony, but these days within our mixed culture you can have the ceremony with as much or as little spiritual/religious content as you would like.

From, Woodland to Beach locations or even your back garden to Goth, Steampunk and medieval-themed handfastings, your imagination is limitless let's create the Handfasting of your dreams

Stonehenge Handfasting by Daniel Le Fey
Handfasting at Stonehenge by Daniel Le Fey
Handfasting by Daniel Le Fey

Photo by Black Swan Photography & Sarah Lewsey Photography.

What our Handfastings includes?
  • Everything you need for the Perfect Day.

  • The ceremony is tailored to your thoughts, ideas, inspirations and dreams.

  • One to one guidance.

  •  A one-hour consultation session via Skype or at a location suitable for both of us.

  • 24/7 Support via Phone or Email.

  • Help in selecting the right location, indoors, outdoors, woodland etc.

  • The blessing of the elements.

  • The exchange of vows, rings or gifts.

  • Jumping the broom.

  • Sacred spring water, The Flame of Avalon Candle, Rose Quartz Crystals, Hand-blended Incense and a stimulating  Aphrodisiac Oil.

  • 12 Red Roses and a bottle of Mead (Traditional) or Wine.

  • Help in choosing the right music, poetry. Help with writing your vows.

  • Everything you need on the day, I will arrive two hours before the ceremony to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Religious, Non-religious or Humanistic content.

  • A personalised Altar/Decorations.

  • The Handfasting Cords/ Hoop and Wand ( You may make your own or view our stunning range of Handfasting items  by clicking here.)

  • A lovely presentation of the ceremony, a little keepsake to treasure.

  • Your very own Handfasting Certificate.

         From £300, Excluding Travel Expenses.

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