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The Hardest Thing I've Ever Had To Do Is Say Goodbye To You...

Tommy Page

We understand that today is a day you have probably dreaded your entire life. We know that a funeral is a day to let go, to scream, cry, shout, grieve and be angry but there's more to a funeral than just sad emotions. A funeral is also a joyful way of remembering that person's life, a celebration of all the treasured memories you hold and a way to share family stories. A gathering of love to say goodbye to the people we treasure the most.

What we offer?

We offer a loyal and dedicated team that aims for perfection. Making the hardest day easier to cope with.

  • Help with arranging the funeral.

  • Home visits.

  • Help in choosing the right ceremony, Cremation, Burial, and Natural Burial Ground.

  • Everything you need on the day, I will be there 30 minutes before the start time.

  • Religious, Non-religious or Humanistic content.

  • Guidance in choosing prayers, music, poems and family readings.

  • Catering specifically to your needs, there is no right or wrong way.

  • Working with your choice of Funeral Directors.

  • Holistic grief support.

  • A lovely presentation of the ceremony, a little keepsake to remember.

         From £190  or via your funeral directors.

For Information, Guidance and Support with Memorial Services, Scattering of Ashes or the Interment of Ashes,

Please Click Here.

Spiritual/Alternative Funerals

With the price of an average funeral costing anywhere between £3000 to £5000 people are turning to a more alternative and spiritual service that is still in keeping with tradition.

For More Information


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