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Recycled Candle Collection

Giving leftover scraps of Paraffin Wax a second life by transforming them back into beautiful aromatherapy candles.

#Reuse rather than Landfill.


We sadly live in a throwaway culture where it is easier to throw something that once held value into the bin rather than transform it into something new.

Here at the Sea Witch Collection, we aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible, reusing and transforming any old scraps of wax, beads and materials into something precious, avoiding the dreaded landfill.

Our new range of Paraffin Wax Pillar Candles does just that! We take your old scraps and bits of leftover wax to create a new Pillar Candle blended with Essential Oils.

How to donate leftover scraps of wax?

We would love your leftover scraps of unwanted wax from Paraffin to Soy, scented or not, dyed or natural we want your leftovers.

With huge gratitude and appreciation for your donations, we will be giving all our Donators 50% off the RRP price of our Recycled Candles.

Donate in Store - We are teaming up with wonderful, Fresh Naturals, based in Scarborough. Who have kindly offered to be our first donation centre. You can find out more about Fresh Naturals at

Donate at - Fresh Naturals, 19 Eastborough, Scarborough. YO11 1NG.

Postal Donations - You can post your unwanted scraps of wax directly to us. Please when sending can you write what type of wax and what scent (if any) the original candle was. 

Post - Sea Witch Collection, 71 Eastborough, Scarborough. YO11 1NH.

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