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Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

Swedish Massage 


Swedish Massage brings many more benefits than just relaxation.


  • Improves your circulation.

  • Boosts the Immune System.

  • Relieves headaches.

  • Helps lift depression and anxieties.

  • Stress-relieving.

  • Helps improve your skin condition.


Deeply uplifting and refreshing, bringing deep relaxation to all muscular aches and pains.


Full Body Massage

Lasts 90 Minutes, Costs £45


Luxurious Back Massage

Lasts 45 Minutes, Costs £30

Swedish Massage by Daniel Le Fey

2010 - present

2010 - present

Aromatherapy by Daniel Le Fey



Since Ancient times aromatic essential oils have been used for healing and beauty, deeply stimulating our senses.


  • Improves sleep.

  • Increases general well-being and happiness.

  • Stress-relieving.

  • Nourishing and moisurising only using natural essential oils.

  • Great for the skin, leaving a beautiful scent.

  • Aids your natural healing process.

  • Aids digestion.


Stimulate your senses today with this deeply relaxing massage.


Full Body Massage

Lasts 90 Minutes, Costs £45


Deluxe Aromatherapy with Holistic Facial Massage

Lasts 120 minutes, Costs £55



Reflexology is an Ancient Chinese therapy that combines deep thumb and hand movements on the feet to help heal the whole body.


  • Brings your whole body back into holistic balance.

  • Restores your natural energies

  • Improves your Chi.

  • Stimulates healing to all your vital organs.

  • Deeply relaxing, I always fall asleep during this treatment.

  • Take the pressure off your feet, give them the ultimate rest.


The Chinese believe that the feet, hands and ears hold meridian pressure points for the different organs and systems of the body, when massaged this stimulates the healing energies in that organ or system.


Full Treatments

Lasts 90 Minutes, Costs £35

Reflexology by Daniel Le Fey

Shaz Dury


Daniel was very supportive and asked when I had a free day he could fit my treatment in. Daniel made sure I was at ease and asked me if the pressure he was using was right for me. After my treatment I felt really relaxed and stress free . And I would definitely have another treatment from this young man.

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