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Stepping into Spring

An Audio version of this meditation can be found above on desktops or below on mobiles.

You may want to sit in front of some Spring Flowers while connecting in to this meditation.


Are you sitting comfortably?


Closing your Eyes. Feeling the chair, floor, bed beneath you. Slowly visualise your roots leaving the soles of your feet, going deep into the earth below, going deeper and deeper, past rock, bone and crystal.

Until you reach the Heartbeat of our planet, connect in with Her Heartbeat, feeling completely nurtured, held and grounded. Feel the Pulse of the earth travelling up through your roots. Back though the crystal, rock, bone moving out of the soil. Slowly feeling that pulse moving into your feet, travelling up your legs, until in reaches your Base Chakra, moving then up to you Sacral chakra, then up-to your Solar Plexus finally pulsating with your own Heart chakra. Feeling the pulse of the Earth and your own heart beating as one.

Next take a cord of white light from your Heart and send that right up and out of your Crown at the top of your head. Sending the cord up though the roof, clouds, atmosphere. Going higher and higher leaving the planet behind. Travelling to the furthest reaches of the universe to find your Mother star. Send your cord up into your mother star, feeling energized, centred and healed. Finally bring the energy of your soul star back along your cord, seeing the Earth below, travelling through the clouds, through the roof. Feeling that star energy touch the Crown of your head, travelling down to your Third Eye, down to your Throat and merging with the energies of your Heart. Mixing Sky and Earth together and expanding your Heart opening wider and wider, until that love overflows into your aura.

Taking a deep breath in... and out... visualise your self in a beautiful Spring meadow, the daffodils, tulips and spring flowers are all in bloom... the trees are in bud... the birds are singing a sweet melody... the sky is bright blue and the Sun in shining so bright that it instantly puts a smile on your face. Feeling the warmth and the light of that Spring Sun on your face and skin, you feel its healing... warmth and nurture... you start to feel Brighter... more Alert... free... Wild and Younger... visualise yourself dancing a wild dance amongst the wild flowers...

Feeling this wildness inside of you... feeling like a teenage again.. with passion and vitality in your heart... You shake away all that no longer serves you... shaking off the wintery cobwebs... releasing any tension that you hold on to in your body as you feel yourself starting to bloom like one of the spring flowers that surround you..

The Spring Fairies come out to join you, as they dance with you, they also give you words of wisdom and advice. Take this time to play dance and listen with the Spring Faye...

Feeling a spring breeze on your face.... your glowing.... smiling... radiating in spring love.... wild and free...


It is now time to thank the Fairies, the Flowers, the Trees, the Streams and Meadows, for allowing you the time here to let go of the wintery stresses of life... opening yourself up to the beauty of a Spring day...

You bring all these qualities and your words of fairy wisdom into your heart, keeping that smile on your face, feeling alive and alert... happy and radiant... you become aware of the chair you are in.. becoming aware of your breath and smile, noticing how happy you are...

Taking a Deep breath in... and out... shaking room...

When you are ready open your eyes.


Raise you hands into prayer position over your heart centre and read or repeat this affirmation after me


“This spring I will live my life with happiness in my heart, feeling the wild energy within me, no longer worrying about the daily drama of life... allowing myself to Dance with happiness and love in my heart”


Blessed Be. xXx

I hope you have enjoyed this months meditation and I look forward to seeing you next month. Goddess Blessings to you all. xXx


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